Tinos, Greece

Tinos - one of the largest islands of the Cyclades in the Aegean Sea, disposes a mild climate. With its 114 km long coastline it offers an optimal beach vacation. The vacationer can choose between sand, gravel and rocky beach. The island captivates with its natural beauty and historical sights.
The main attraction of the approximately 10,000 inhabitants island is the pilgrimage church Pangia Evangelista in Tinos town.
Also in most of the 46 small towns that are spread across the island, you can find small chapels, cozy streets and alleys with cobblestones, old traditional fountains, but also Byzantine buildings and various museums. The pigeon houses scattered all over the island are an integral part of the area and are not only worth seeing for avid bird watchers.
There are also numerous opportunities for holiday activities: Hiking, climbing or mountaineering, cycling or simply discovering nature and the countryside.
Here water sports enthusiasts will find the best conditions for diving, windsurfing or kitesurfing.

Well known is the municipal summer festival of Tinos, which provides programs until late at night with music theater, poetry and numerous photo and painting exhibitions (large resident artists' colony).
The Tinos Jazz Festival and several top-class music events are also held here.
Since most tourists are still Greek, the general nightlife is very Mediterranean and Greek.
From Tinos you can reach the neighboring islands of Mykonos in about 15 minutes and Syros in about 30 minutes. To the mainland (Piraeus) you need - with a cruiser or with a car ferry - between three and four and a half hours.


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