Imathia, with the former capital of the Kingdom of Macedonia, Vergina

Imathia is geographically located in the Greek Central Macedonia. Already during the prehistoric era lived people in the area and in ancient times, the region was at the center of Macedonian high culture.

To this day, the district of Imathia is inextricably linked with the name of "Alexander the Great".
Despite its approx. 140,000 inhabitants, Imathia could still be classified as contemplative today.

Of course there are also clubs and bars, as well as shopping, which provide for pleasure, but also the many small places offer culture-interested visitors a lot of variety, because everywhere one meets here on Greek history:
In the town of Vergina, the former capital of the Macedonian kingdom, there are excavation sites, which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Here is also worth a visit to the ancient Aigai Theater.
The town of Veria, with its Byzantine Museum and the Archaeological Museum has cultural-historical features.
In Naoussia there are possible visits to a monastery, a winery, or a visit to the school of Aristotle on the activities program for guests.
For nature and hiking enthusiasts, but also for mountain bike enthusiasts, Naoussia is the ideal starting point in the region. In winter, Naoussia has a reputation as a ski resort.
Other interesting cities nearby: Alexandria, Makrochori