Thessaloniki and surroundings

Th Thessaloniki district is located in the Central Macedonia region of northern Greece. It is bounded by the rivers Axios, Loudias and Gallikos and is near the adjoining lowland of Macedonia.
Not only the entire bay of Thessaloniki, but also the northwestern part of the Halkidiki peninsula and the plain of Mygdonia are among the attractions in the region:
With the lakes Volvi and Koronia there are other worthwhile destinations. The attractive districts of Pieria, Imathia and Halkidiki are equally attractive to visitors and those, who are interested in Greece.

The city of Thessaloniki itself, with over 360,000 inhabitants, is the second largest city in Greece after Athens. In addition to food, furniture, and tobacco industry, Thessaloniki also counts as a central location for companies in the field of solar technology.This is possible because of the excellent infrastructure in this seaport and university city. Thus, the airport is also a central hub for international air traffic. The city's landmark is the White Tower on the harbor, which today serves as a museum, and the cultural juxtaposition of numerous mosques (remains of the Ottoman rule) and Christian churches, some of which are classified as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
Shops of all kinds and traditional marketplaces, invite you for shopping and idleness. Numerous restaurants and taverns provide culinary delights, while ouzeries and bars guarantee eclectic entertainment.

Sightseeing tours of historic castles and residential districts complete the possible programm for tourists.
Of course there are also guided tours - in the city, in the surrounding area and on the water - another possibility to discover the interesting Greek metropolis Thessaloniki.