Cyclades, Greek group of islands

                                                                                                              The Cyclades, are agroup of islands in the Greek Aegean Sea. Although the islands have a very pleasant mild climate, the vegetation is rather poor. For a long time the residents have come to terms with the circumstances and produce wines, oils and cotton. Some regions have also specialized in the processing of marble.

Even if all the islands allow hassle-free bathing fun and Mediterranean beach holidays - each of them individually - they offer a very different offer for visitors:

The most famous island of Mykonos, during the day attracts beach holidaymakers of all kinds, but in the evening - with its clubs - it shows a multitude of options for party-visitors.
On other islands like Delos, it is more traditional and tranquil and on the Andros and Tinos you will find (old) grown-up artist colonies.

If you like to explore the Cyclades, "island hopping" is the ideal choice - because this is the only way to experience the real diversity!



Tinos is the largest island of the Cyclades in the Aegean.

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