Olympus, mountain range Greece

The mountain of the 12 gods.
Urlaubam Olymp in GriechenlandWith its 2918 meters altitude, the Olymp is not only the highest mountain in Greece, but also one of the most famous landmarks in Greece. Whether mountain or mountain massif (actually there are four mountains), now may the gods argue about it. Finally, this place is considered in the mythology of the Greeks as the seat of the twelve gods around the god Zeus.
The about thirty times forty kilometers large, eponymous national park can be visited partially by car, but is best to explore on foot. In general, there is a rather harsh and northern climate on Mount Olympus, temperatures are really cold after September, and snow equipment is needed in winter. But the massif is also a popular destination for skiers.
For multi-day hikes, there is a selection of mountain huts available. The summit of Mount Olympus should be tried at any time in the company of experienced mountaineers and climbers! The most interesting hiking route is the E4 of Litochoro, but there are also several attractive hiking trails from Prionia. Explore the caves, gorges and plateaus and visit the monastery of Dionysios.

This recreational paradise of Mount Olympus definitely offers spectacular views of the surrounding area and the Aegean Sea.

The nearest major town nearby is Katerini, the perfect place to spend one or more day trips is Litochoro. Several overnight possibilities right  there.

Mount Olympus is located 90 kilometers south of Thessaloniki and can be reached by car in about 1.5 hours.