Western Macedonia, Greece

Western Macedonia, with its capital Kozani, is divided into the four districts Florina, Grevena, Kastoria and Kozani. The entire region has not yet been overruned by mass tourism yet and nevertheless - or precisely because of this - it is one of the most interesting areas in Greece. Therefore, this westernmost part of Macedonia is just waiting to be discovered. And there is actually a lot to discover here:

Amynatio: Nearby flora and waterfalls of Edessa.
Florina: Skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling in winter.
Grevena: Caves near Meteora, mountains and monastery, Vikos gorge in the mountains of Zagoris, Dragon Lake / Konitsa, skiing in winter.
Kastoria: Very beautiful waterfront promenade, unique architecture, stalactite cave (dragon cave) nearby, Vegoritida lake, with nearby waterfalls. Skiing in winter.
Kozani: Interesting folklore and natural history museum.
Prespes: The natural paradise of Prespa contains the Galicica National Park and the Sveti Naum Monastery (both Ljubanista)

To explore West Macedonia's many lakes, in addition to hiking, there are also horse riding tours through the charming landscape in numerous areas. Rafting tours are offered on the rivers Venetikos and Aliakmonas.
Regionally the best-known winery is Alpha Estate (Ktima Alfa) near Aminteo. A visit is worthwhile because the tours followed by wine tasting are free.
By the way: For lovers and those interested, a visit to the bear sanctuary at Nymfaio is a must!


Kastoria, between the mountains Grammou and Vitsi, is a city that combines natural beauty and cultural heritage.


Kozani Region: Visit the Nereida Reservoir, Servia High Bridge and the Miniature Grand Canyon in the Potamia Gorge.

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